[Spoiler] Sam Witwer showing his chops with an extraordinary exchange of dialog

The best fight in the franchise without a doubt is Luke facing Vader on the Death Star in ROTJ

Luke finally falls to Vader's taunts and launches himself at Vader. Gone are the fancy dodges and parries. He is fighting the way Vader fights. Relentless, overwhelming, and full of rage. He steamrollers Vader and very nearly kills him, except...

The scene had me on the edge of my seat when I saw it in the theater. Teeth grinding, fists clenching the arm rests of my seat. I could feel his rage, and that only multiplied my shock and horror at what the emperor did to him after he rose above it.

Some of the best cinema ever. It left a part of me singing to this day. You just don't see that in movies these days.

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