[Spoiler] Team Liquid vs. Team Dignitas / NA LCS 2015 Summer - Week 4 / Post-Match Discussion

Well. There's no secret there's some talent on the team. Shiphtur is actually looking good again, of course that's to be expected when you perform good as a team.

But good individual players doesn't cement you as a good "shot calling" team. That's such a difficult thing to truly, truly, truly accomplish and be great at and it shows. Every team with international players or ESL players is going to have difficulty.

If 3/5 of your team speaks poor English and good Korean, but the other two players speak English natively.. You're going to have some wonky shit. I think Dig's main shot-caller will be Helios, and we have to take into consideration Helios is "new" to the roster, think of him as a grown-up rookie (at least to his team).

Shiphtur, I don't know. I don't think he's ever been on a shot caller on any team he's been on and he's actually known (at least from Coast) to shut off from his team when shit gets ugly - and lord knows Dig had an ugly, ugly previous split. KiwiKid, eh I don't think he does.

CoreJJ is a very quiet Korean dude. Gamsu, I have no clue. But by virtue of him being a hard carry I'd imagine he has to make some calls (with great power comes great responsibility) since he is always fed, he has the power to make high impact plays or TPs due to always being so fed.

That leaves Helios; the loudest guy on the team, a previous shot-caller for other teams. We also have to keep in mind neither of Helios' previous NA teams have had good shotcalling or... Well good anything except Altec and Pobie. So I'd imagine he may be shaky due to coming off two horrible teams (sans Pobelter and Altec) and one and a half horrible LCS seasons. It's going to take some more consistent wins with Dig to be confident but I think this roster will only get better in every department. We won't see such horrible blunders.

Like throwing and mistakes are part of the game... But we won't see huge, monstrosity, disastrous fuck ups.

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