[SPOILERS] So, about Illidan and Tyrande not interacting...

ater retconned that he wanted to be a double agent, very convenient

Retconned or not that is part of his backstory now, calling Aegwynn a rapist is no longer accurate and thus not worth mentioning any longer.

iving them the demon soul, the very thing they needed to make an even bigger portal in the well of eternity so Sargeras can come through. A very well thought out plan on his part, but hey Lord Illidan knows the way, right?

It worked, Sargeras became unable to return to Azeroth in any form due to being flung far out into the dark beyond. So in a sense, yes he did know the way.

I know, how dare they not let Illidan make it easier for the Legion to find them again.

They didn't need help finding them and Illidan knew that, he was the only one at the time that had any idea of the Legion's might. Creating a new well of eternity made a lot of sense considering how much it would help his people.

He decides to get juiced up on highly corrupting fel magic, since it worked out so well for the orcs.

Literally doesn't even matter, he succeeded and didn't succumb to the fel magics, so this isn't even a relevant argument against his decisions. It is made out to be a 'bad thing' due to Malfurion and Tyrande's own sense of morality.

then almost rips the planet in two trying to kill the Lich King. Of course, telling no one of his big awesome plans, because he knows best.

You mean destroying the frozen throne? We literally have no idea how that would've gone, for someone upset about Illidan's assumptions you sure do assume a lot. Destroying the Frozen Throne would have actually been extremely good for Azeroth. The true consequences of it are and forever will be unknown.

screw ups... siphoning the souls of Akama's people for his magical device... And just going around committing crimes, enslaving the local populace

You're assuming these things are inherently not worth the costs, Illidan is blatantly based on a utilitarian approach to things as you mentioned the 'greater good'. These don't make him arrogant or wrong, in fact to our understanding his plan would have worked to an extent if we hadn't interfered.

charge into everything balls first, and damn the consequences?

Again assuming he didn't know the consequences, just because there were obvious consequences doesn't mean he didn't know, expect, or plan for them.

Maybe alternatives routes could've been found if he swallowed his goddamn pride

More assumptions

let his brother in on the info

The guy that literally told him to fuck off and never contact them again?

He had a chance to tell Malfurion what he saw before his eyes got burned out.

He literally didn't even see the things that changed him into the Illidan we know until he eyes were burned out.

Before he gotten as deep with the legion as he did in Warcraft 3

Because Malfurion had reacted well to Illidan's involvement with the fel rationally and fair before right? /s

Everything Illidan has done, was born outta sheer arrogance,

Some perhaps, but definitely not all, very bold and unsupported statement.

more than enough people have died because of it.

Who gets to decide that? You? Theoretically if the burning legion had won and everyone died because Illidan did nothing then Illidan saving a single person is a positive outcome.

Malfurion and Tyrande are right to not see him in a good light. They know him better than anyone, so of course they'd be weary and wary of him.

I can't deny that one, though their reactions still are very stale, especially Tyrande who released him originally under the idea that Illidan was going to do more good than harm, which inevitably he did. Malfurion is more understandable though considering how much he disagrees with his brother.

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