(Spoilers All) Book readers who watched most of the show before starting the books, how did that impact your enjoyment of the series?

I started reading after season 3. I mean to me it's just like anything else where you know what's going to happen before it happens, it's a lesser product. I know everyone is gonna jump on me and be like nah uh! It doesn't matter! It's not about the twists and turns of the plot it's about the journey! Yeah it is, but when you don't know what's going to happen you hang on every word of a book or every scene of a movie. But that's just my opinion, if it doesn't change anything for you then bless your soul and more power to you.
The events I knew were coming, bran falling, Ned dying, the red wedding, they didn't hit me like the events I didn't see coming. I already knew Bran was going to make it when I was reading so I didn't even care. The Red Wedding was interesting but seeing it on tv first and already having that emotional reaction, and it was very similar to the books, it was almost like I was just reading a script for the scene. Now the stuff I got to read first, WOW. Peter pushing Lysa out the moon door. Holy. Shit. That fucking hit me and it's not really THAT major of a death. Dany riding her dragon away, left my mouth open at the end of that one. The Jon stabbing, my eyes were watery. Nooooo not Jon. And many other scenes. I'm really happy I read those first because I always prefer to read the original material before seeing the adaption. And it's why I'm sad future seasons major plot points will be spoiled for the books.
I know I know they are making changes. But if Jon dies on the show you can assume he's going to die the same way in the books, unless you just wanna pretend to be dumb and look the other way. Some changes will be made sure but the major plot points will be there especially for the major characters. If Arya goes to Cersi and slits her throat with needle in the show and gives her this amazing speech as she dies, that's not D&D pulling it out there ass, George probably gave they a detailed breakdown.

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