(Spoilers All) I'm sure this has been done before, but pick just one favorite scene from each book!

A lot of this runs together but I'll bite.

A Game of Thrones - They cut Ned's head off. I mean, they cut his freakin' head off! Gloves are off. This series is different, no one is safe, should probably finish.

A Clash of Storms - Davos and the Mannis. Truth be told, Clash and Storm run together really bad in more poor pot addled brain. As far as I am concerned, they are all one book. I loved the Hound and Arya road trip. I love the Hound's character arc, and after going through all the jazz on here, his interactions with Sansa (Name day, refusing to hit her, should holds on to his cloak, etc.), have really made him an interesting character and not the one dimensional brute I saw at first glance.

Also, Arya beating the shit out of Hotpie with a stick.

Correction. Favorite part of a Clash of Storms. Hot Pie.

Feast - Fat Pink Mast. Feast was more enjoyable on the re-read but I still didn't pay that much attention. Cersei going nuts was painful to read. Loved the redemption of Jaime. Brienne running around the riverlands was bloody dull and never mind that bit with nimble Dick. If it weren't for the Arya chapters, I wouldn't have made it through.

Dance - The only reason I have any idea about what was really going on in Merreen is because of this subreddit. Hizdahr Mo Shavepate Kandaq Belwas were all more or less the same person to me. It was a little clearer by the third reread, but I still can't keep all those names and sell sword companies straight. I want to go home, now would be a great time, but I'm girl and don't know what to do. I'm gonna ride my dragon and think about it.

Tyrion doing Tyrion stuff is always fun to read. Traveling down the Rohyne, playing Cyvasse, intrigue, wine, slavery, etc. I am extremely excited to see where this all leads to and am hoping he ends up riding a dragon by the time all is said and done.

Tywin getting a bolt in the stomach and not shitting gold.

There were some good Davos chapters in there.

I'm sure I forgot a lot. Solid series. Reading again.

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