(Spoilers All) What misconceptions about a character or plot point do you want to clear up once and for all?

Why are people hard on Dany? Because she's an inexperienced, entitled woman who gets everything she wants without having to do anything to get it. She's compassionate when it suits her, carelessly brutal when it suits her. She sacks cities and wrecks an entire culture because she's arbitrarily decided that slavery is bad (after living with the Dothraki culture that kept slaves?). Here's the part that women readers love: she has an army of men at her beck and call doing her bidding and she doesn't even have to give them anything in exchange. The closest she comes to actual work is sitting on a cushion holding court and even this quickly bores her.

Worse yet? Pathetic saps Jorah and Barristan only encourage her disgusting attitude by giving her leal service and good advice at the low-low price of free and letting her make one dumb decision after another and then going along with her postmortem rationalization. Jorah can't help it because he is a pathetic Beta-male sap who thinks he can eventually do enough favors to buy sex (news flash: women don't work that way) and Barristan because his overgrown sense of 'honor' has run hog wild and clouded his better judgement.

Luckily, this is the GRRM universe, and that means that Dany is doomed: Dany means to rule Meereen, but doesn't bother to learn the difference between House of Kandaq, House of Loraq, House of Pahl. She wants Westeros too but doesn't know which houses supported the Targaryens and which backed the Usurper. Dany's arrogance, self-righteousness and general lack of knowledge and experience will eventually spell her fatal flaw. Euron = Daario would be pretty satisfying, since it would mean that Euron just wanted to manipulate her and take her dragons. Or maybe our man Jorah will finally grow a set of balls after being rejected again and decide to betray Dany so she ends up chained to some fat Yunkish slaver's bed. Women fans would throw the book away, but I'd sure as hell love it.

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