[Spoilers] DARLING in the FRANXX - Episode 24 discussion - FINAL

Just finished (was on dub/funimation schedule). Most of the top comments are bashing, which is fair as the show has some serious faults, but overall I still think it was solid and deserves praise. Episodes 1-15 were exceptional. 16-19 were still excellent, but had the misfortune of immediately following episode 15 and so paled in comparison. The next few episodes though, i.e. 20-23, were a dumpster fire. 24 did manage to salvage the ending, I think.

Ultimately, had this show been three cours, I believe it would have been one of the all time greats. The events of episodes 20-23 could (should) have been stretched into 10-12 episodes. As is, the twists and sacrifices people made had no emotional weight to them. There was no time to process/invest in hope for something because everything was happening at once. Not to mention the switch from a planet-side to space-faring battle (where the hell did all those ships come from in ep 23 btw? I thought 001 only left one behind, but I digress) happened so fast that it ended up demanding too much of my "suspension of disbelief", which is hard to do considering this is anime we're talking about. My guess is they decided against it (money and production issues notwithstanding) because they didn't know how to make the show work with 002 absent most of the time.

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