[Spoilers] Day-After Discussion – Season 8 Episode 4

an entire fleet

It wasn't an entire fleet, just a small patrol. They were hidden behind a rock and it was a completely normal action. If it had happened on season 4 nobody would be complaining. The oppinions are contaminated by D&D's awful choice of killing the NK in a single ridiculous fast shot, so scenes that are more doubtful become "plot holes" like magic. If you look carefully you'll find much worse problems!! Example: did you realize that only Joffrey ate the pie and died? A feast with the king and nobody else takes a bite before he chokes? How did Olenna made a hole poisoned pie for the king with anybody noticing it? Watch it again and you'll see it was lame.. Every episode has its problems, but people are fighting to accept it's going to end soon.. enjoy more and complain less.. that's my take on it..

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