[spoilers episode 1] Does Blake use up one of her nine lives? Sorry if it's been mentioned before. I searched and found nothing.

Fine. I'll detail why I don't like your responses:

#1. Need some context here bud.

No answer to my question, just a spoiler from something I've never seen.

#2. No it's just a clip from the volume four intro.

I had just said I just started watching volume 1. I'm a new viewer, and people like you make me not want to be involved in the community.

#3 Blake isn't even in episode one. I think you're confused.

This is condescending to someone who's new to the series. Of course I'm confused. That's why I'm asking questions.

#4. Because that's clearly not volume 1 chapter 1. They go by chapters officially, so whatever your watching... it isn't what you're looking for.

Netflix has it labeled as that, so how would I know otherwise? Do you expect everyone who watches it on Netflix to say "I'm going to go find the originals somewhere else in their proper release order, so as not to be mistaken about what they're labeled"? C'mon. It's netflix. It's accessible.

#5. And it's not the Black trailer either.

I don't know what this is. Don't explain. You're not helpful.

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