[Spoilers][Essay] Yuri Kuma Arashi and the Effects of Symbolism, Part 1

Hi, mispeling!

The symbolism seriously gets in the way of the narrative to the point where it comes off as incomprehensible at times as you can only guess what is truly meant.

Something that I debated about while going through this whole process was if what I was doing was "right." That is, if my over-analyzing (as that is what it really is at this point) is something that I was doing just to justify or piece together for my own purposes.

The more I investigated, and the more I was seeing all of these "coincidences," I started seeing the symbols as not being in the way but as serving a much larger purpose. Some of the connections I'll be making might sound crazy or conspiracy level -- I always back up what I say with sources -- but this is (perhaps) a show four years in the making. So it's hard for me to say if what Ikuhara did was just the ramblings of a madman and that everything that was included somehow (miraculously) seemed to fit, or he had this vision from the get-go.

I'll be talking about the narrative and the characters a few days or so from now during the final parts, but as I mention here, I never found the symbolism to be a deterrent simply because my interpretation of them is one more symbol that is used to its fullest potential. I've read somewhere before that /u/Redcrimson called this an anime that (something to this effect), "this is an anime that doesn't have story or characters, just themes," and I agree to an extent. Obviously it has the former, but in most cases they are used to support the themes in question. Instead, they literally become the themes of the anime, which is a vastly intriguing concept.

...than some of Ikuhara's previous works (its no Penguindrum) and it detracted from the experience for me.

Admittedly, this is my first Ikuhara work (I believe he only has three?). But I'm a huge fan after this, to say the least. I really want to check out Penguindrum and Utena at some point, as many people seem to praise those as well. And I have a feeling I would, too. :3

As for your experience with YKA, I think that is perfectly acceptable. I find the show to be rather fascinating, something that I haven't experienced before in any other medium.

And for that, it is something that I'll never forget. :3

Thanks for the nice insight, mispeling. I appreciate your thoughts and hope to see you in the coming days! :)

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