(Spoilers Extended) A Partial Defense of D&D and Season 7

Hold on a minute, you're actually suggesting Littlefinger has any military experience at all, when there's not one iota of support in either the books or the show? Because that's the definition of mental gymnastics. Its a complete invention of your mind. And even if he did, so what? Its not his battle. Its not Sansa's battle. Its wrong to keep that a secret from the commanders in charge of the battle.

And I wasn't going anywhere. It was a cheap moment when she gallops in with Military Genius Littlefinger and the kotv, with an "I told you so" smirk on her face. I'm not building a straw man, its safe to say this show has been problematic in its treatment of women and their response to the criticism has been to overcorrect with some artificial 'badass chick' moments (recall sand snakes). They fucked that up anyway, but that's WAY off topic and I don't know why you'd fixate on it.

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