[Spoilers] Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works - Episode 12 - FINAL [Discussion]

No, I think you are wrong, and I believe F/SN surpasses F/Z in almost all regards.

Really, a pandering-harem? It's like I'm talking to people who read something completely different to me. Because I did not see Shirou running around with multiple wives at the end of each route. Were there girls around him who liked him? Yeah, but I don't see how that is any different from how Kiritsugu functioned if you take away his manchild ideals and look deeper than just the 'mature' and 'dark' tags surrounding his character. He could also be considered a harem protagonist if you forget about the ending and take a look at all the girls surrounding him. And F/Z is not all about gun-totting, trigger happy, mature-adult characters killing each other for a cup exactly either.

If you read Saya-No-Uta, you know Urobuchi does the exact same thing you consider the fault of Nasu, using characters as mere tools and nothing more. It is even more evident when most of the time, F/Z Spoiler. Don't even get me started on his last movie about Madoka either.

Most people should notice there is always a countdown timer leading to something very special in F/SN to F/Z, knowing F/Z as well as I do, when that countdown timer reaches 0, guess what it is referring too?

Fate Spoiler

And what do you even mean by mass-archetype, and mediocre characters? Even 10 years from now, I still consider Emiya Shirou to be one of the best protagonist created. Most of what is being written here sounds like a personal opinion really, but you make it sound like the F/SN cast is, by fact, terrible compared to the F/Z cast.

Hell, even after I watched F/Z and consider it on par with F/SN. The characters in F/SN are so much more vibrant and open to a world-setting. I find myself writing (for fanfics) and thinking much more about them then characters like Fate Zero Spoiler

And taking a route by itself and saying "Yeah, this is a good way to compare a LN to an VN." is pretty unfair, you don't go into Heavens Feel and say "Well you didn't explain what this is about here." When it is done in the previous routes and built upon the next one.

Plus, I don't see how F/Z Saber is any more meaningful than F/SN Saber, most of the time she is a repressed character, unable to act out or do anything; Fate Spoiler

I watched F/Z, read the F/Z LN, than read the F/SN VN. I do not see how it is poorly written. I have actually went back to read the F/SN VN 3 times by now because of how intriguing and amazing the story was, compared to not even once having gone back to reread the F/Z LN. But I can understand why most people would think F/SN is a poorly written 'Otaku-Pandering-Harem-Revolving-Eroge-Novel', but I certainly do not agree with, even if it is an unpopular opinion to think F/SN is better than F/Z.

And for the record, I enjoyed F/Z; and this is in no way to bash F/Z or its amazing director; Gen Urobuchi. But I feel its quite unnecessary to bash F/SN for not being comparable to F/Z and hence why F/Z surpasses because it doesn't have the same story or character development that F/SN takes upon with its narrative view.

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