[Spoilers] Gin no Saji Rewatch Episode 1 Discussion

More farm learnin' adventures with a first-time watcher! Let's go!

02:29 — ZOMBIES! Get 'em, Fu-Girl!

02:40 — Damn, I was hoping for a lower-body leg massage.

04:01 — Careful, this kind of thinking is where federal standoffs with cult compounds come from.

05:06 — Oh, so only a 100m × 100m square? Well, that's not so b— WHAAAA? (Better hope your plot doesn't include the school buildings, heh)

06:23 — Seriously, dude. You don't know how great it is to live in a populated area till you've lived outside one.

07:19/07:22/07:25 — Haha, guy has his priorities straight!

11:01 — Is this true? But, yeah, gouda pizza sounds amazing.

13:47 — Designated study times, and everyone has to stay separated for it too? Crimony, could you be any more regimented?

15:47 — Uggghhh. Guys, guys. You're supposed to cook bacon. Not eat it raw. What is wrong with you??

16:24 — Kind of a long way to travel just for the hell of it, ain't it? That's one dedicated sensei.

17:11 — Wait. That's not what dairy is. Eh, never mind.

20:08 — Now you're talkin'. Pizza And Beer Fest. You'll pull 'em in from all four corners.

Getting a little closer to Mikage, getting in good with his schoolmates, starting a pizza fever. You're doin' good, Hachiken. Plus we finally get to see some more of Cheese-chan, er, Mayumi. And we see (more) that Buddha-sensei is beholden to worldly pleasures and vices like the rest of us. Dirty gouda-hoarder…

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