[Spoilers] K-ON!! Rewatch - S2E16 "Upperclassmen!"

  • To think just a couple episodes ago the girls were coming back from summer vacation, and now it's festival time already :( Gotta say, I've been getting sadder and sadder at the thought of this rewatch ending K-On!!
  • I think Mio's just scared sudden loud noises
  • This episode, we all learn to appreciate things we usually take for granted. For example, I appreciate you /u/gamobot for doing this rewatch (even though you were late a half hour yesterday how dare you)
  • A year ago Ritsu and Yui would've deduced that the student council was conspiring against the keionbu and is behind the plumbing problem. How our girls have grown :') Also I appreciate /u/SaltyMint, /u/Monte_Carlo_1971, /u/MugiMartin and all the other first timers that have joined us and posts everyday!
  • The way Azusa says "eh?" might be my favorite sound from this anime. Oh and I appreciate you /u/twoduy for all the wonderful artwork and music you've shared as well as rigging the MVP contest for Best Girl Ritsu for the fair and fun MVP contest so far!
  • I wonder why they can't just practice without the amp... Always nice to see their classmates though! Moreover.... I appreaciate you /u/Atronox, /u/collapsedblock6, and all the other rewatchers (that I'm too lazy to remember I'm sorry if I forgot you) who's joined us and provided great commentary, images, and just joy and happiness to this rewatch!
  • Just wondering, have we gotten to listen to Curry Nochi Rice any other time on the show? aaaand I appreciate you /u/rosseloh and /u/oyooy for the covers and random musical tidbits!
  • Mio likes sports? Sorry Ritsu, I think I might have to move Mio back up top. Have I mentioned that I appreciate my parents? Thank you for putting up with me all these years, and I'm sorry I turned out to be a weeb :/
  • Awww Mio it's ok, your lyrics aren't... ok they're pretty bad. And lastly, I appreciate Kyoto Animation for K-On! and all the wonderful anime, including several of my favorites, they have provided over the years! If I forgot anybody, you're still appreciated! It's been a lot of fun talking about my favorite anime, and it wouldn't be much of a discussion without everybody!
  • Here's a quick question for you guys. Say you're facing a flat mirror placed straight against a wall (like the one the girls were looking at in the studio). If you wanted to see more of your body would you a) walk towards the mirror b) walk away from the mirror or c) do nothing. Draw your answer in the space provided and write down your reasoning. Homework is due tomorrow.
  • Did anyone think they were gonna get any practice done? Like seriously?
  • Once again, Yui with the unexpected wisdom
  • Lol that god tier editing
  • Fuck me, seeing Ui sick like that is giving me Clannad flashbacks...
  • This. First time I watched this episode I literally gasped when I saw the title. Just everything that happened this episode, about taking for granted that special place or special person that's always been there, that last scene with Yui and Ui where there's no music and it's just them, culminated in to that moment. "U&I" is such a wonderful title for a song; you immediately know the significance of it. It speaks so much for such a simple title. And you know what, I love that song. It's my favorite song from K-On!, and I can't wait for first-timers to hear it. When I watched K-On! for the first time I was really enjoying it, and the anime was a solid 9/10 for me up till then. But from this moment on K-On! went to another level for me, and I feel for a lot of other people too.
  • Yui, I don't even know anymore. You say the dumbest things sometimes, but you're also involved in 10 out of my 10 favorite moments from this show. Who would've known Yui was a lyricist at heart?
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