[Spoilers] Live Episode Discussion S3E22 "Alexander Kirk"

I've been watching the show pretty closely myself. As much as I want to believe Lizzie is alive, what I'm seeing on the show does not support the idea. Most convincing is the death scene. Let's go over that... A woman just gives birth, and whether the complications were true or not, how does a Dr. medically knock out a woman to the level of faking a heart flatline, then use a defib on the poor woman and force air into her lungs, all while she is supposedly still alive AND freshly stitched up from a C section? What Dr. would do that? AND have all of this be believable to probably one of the few experts on detecting a heartbeat outside of the medical profession, meaning Red. AND formulate and carry out this plan in 10 minutes or less? I can't see it. Also, Red spent time with her, he held her hand against his face, pressed his face to hers, kissed her, and generally lingered for as long as possible. Mr. Kaplan wasn't screaming, "Go, go go!" nor were people clamoring at him to get him away from her, in an effort to preserve the ruse. It was all very very sad, but also slow-moving. If Tom/Jacob/Hargrave were in on it, he'd have been there to try to be sure it all went down as well as possible. Mr. Kaplan would have been there. Dembe? Anyone? There was just her, Red, and the Dr. there when she died. The Dr. could not have pulled it off on his own and, as the Dr., he is the one person absolutely required to be in on the faking of her death. I hope I'm wrong, I really do. It would take some serious explaining to make that fly. They'd have to go back over every moment of those scenes and show the back story to convince millions of viewers, and I don't see the show going backwards for that. It's been reported Megan Boone has been seen on set this week, I would happily eat my hat! And for the record, I'm in the NOT her father camp all the way. Question asked, question answered in Season 1.

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