(Spoilers Main) What are some of the most common misconceptions of the series?

Like many others, you're missing the point.

actually is YOU who is missing the point. I am no fan of the Targaryens and dont think they were good guys but they stay in power for 300 years, that is prove that they are good at ruling and playing the Game. You are analizing the Lannister in a short period of time but not looking at the long run. In the long run they arrived in power after the Robert Rebelion and literally burned all their bridges in less than 30 years, thats a disaster. As I said, they got in power but couldnt keep the crown and had their nuclear family pretty much murdered by their own actions and lost of their allies.

All Cersei needed to do was give Robert legitime children, thats it, but she was too proud and decided to birth only Jamie's children. Tywin closed his eyes to his children mistakes and let them fucked up the family. I dont know how can you say they are good at playing the Game when its pretty obvious they are gonna lose the Iron Throne by the end of the books and their family and House will be devasted and destroyed it. How are they good?

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