[Spoilers] Mirai Nikki (The Future Diary) Rewatch Discussion - Episode 22

The truth finally begins to come out. What I find curious about the confrontation between Kaworu Akise and Deus is that the latter took the time to explain Akise's nature and gave him the chance to reassert his own individuality. For a moment it feels almost as if Deus wanted to help Akise. Also noteworthy are the grounds on which Deus accepts Akise's individuality: because Akise wishes to keep living whereas Deus has accepted his coming death. That Deus did not recognize Akise's love for Yuki as a trait individual to him implies Deus truly held Yuki as his favourite.

Now that they know the dead cannot be brought back everyone in Akise's team attempts to make Yuki stop and think about it but the real tragic element here is that it is already too late to change Yuki's mind. As we know from the past episodes, he has justified every murder he's committed so far through the idea that he will just be able to bring people back once he's god. Furthermore, bringing his parents back was now the driving force behind his resolve to win the game. By telling Yuki the truth they are shattering both his motivation and his coping mechanism, they are telling him that everything he's done so far has been for nothing. This is the moment in the series when Yuki is truly pushed towards his despair event horizon. There wasn't much else he could have done at that point aside from losing all hope or breaking down into lunacy.

Akise is ultimately a bit of a fool, sadly. He was convinced Yuno wanted to simply kill Yuki and win the game, yet 8th was helpless for most of the time and Yuno had plenty of chances to just stab Yuki and guarantee her win if that was what she really wanted. Had he not tried to keep them from reaching 8th, Hinata, Mao, Kousaka and even himself might have survived and might have had a better chance of figuring out what is really going on. It is doubtful Yuno would be happy about them wanting to find out the truth, but at least she would not have the leverage of claiming they're trying to betray Yuki.

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