[spoilers]My obsession with the conclusion of this show . . .

Theoretically this may be a valid discussion in a vacuum completely devoid of context, but it completely ignores Tyrion's framing of the situation up to that point in the story.

He's seen the destruction that Dany riding a dragon can cause, and he was absolutely horrified by what he saw. After the Gold Road attack, he is seemingly mortified by what he witnesses... charred bodies and smoldering corpses... he is clearly affected by that.

And he and Varys later have a conversation where they are clearly concerned about her... about her penchant for fire, and literally make a comparison to the Mad King about it.

So it shouldn't be shocking, or seen as illogical, that Tyrion doesn't want to see that sort of horrific scene in the capitol. If the people in King's Landing see what he saw outside the Gold Road attack (which clearly affected and perhaps even frightened him), then they too may have some future issues with Dany going forward.

If Dany's whole 'platform' is to be seen as this loving, caring figure, leaving charred corpses and smoldering buildings all around probably isn't the best first impression.

I mean, I don't believe Tyrion claims that his method is perfect and magically not destructive in some sense... merely that he believes it to be a better approach, because after what he's seen, a siege is absolutely better PR for Dany than her using her dragons for destruction and causing fear in the people... which is literally what they were trying to avoid this whole time.

Tyrion knows the optics of what a Dany dragonback attack would look like. Even Jon literally states what he believes the optics would look like.

Those stances absolutely are logical... even if Tyrion's counterpoint isn't perfect and has its own set of issues.

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