[Spoilers] Post-Episode Discussion - S11E20 "Don't call me Shurley"

Honestly....I am fucking torn about this episode. On one hand, holy shit was it great. A good chunk of us new or guessed Chuck was god ever since he fucking vanished and a new prophet was chosen without him dying (not to mention the on again off again confirmations from writers). Watching Metatron speak to the greatness of humanity, watching him break down in sadness at how his father abandoned him, seeing answers to things like Dean's amulet all fucking amazing stuff. Hell I even fanboyed when God got angry and threw Metatron across the room like, vengeful wrath type shit. And we get confirmation from the man himself that he created the Earth, plus other planets some of which have been destroyed by Amara. Ok so where does that leave the Pagan Gods? If "God" was the entity that created the planet Earth how did the Pagan Gods even rise to power at some point in Earth's history? There are religions that are older than Christianity.. Before it was kind of ambigious cause all we had were a few Angel's word to go on but now the big man himself confirms it.

But more importantly...despite all that greatness.. God himself refers to us as a fucking experiment. An experiment... I know the more religious fans will tear me a new one with downvotes but one of the reasons I've loved this show is it's more fair approach to Christianity. Mainly painting it as not being perfect not being completely righteous all the time, having flaws in it's design. Something that I look at Christianity in real life I can't ever get past the fact I honestly think "God" is just some entity, jucied up with a lot of power who is just a kid with a ant farm. Watching to see what we do, never helping, just creating something and watching wtf happens. Then they decide to make that an actual storyline point?!? A fucking experiment? I'm sorry you and your sister are cosmic beings that have been at war for who knows how long and I'm sorry you feel lonely but that gives you the right to create life with free will, just for shits and fucking giggles?

Like I said, I am torn. Damn good episode but fuck... they had to make God a fucking dick.

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