[Spoilers] Post Episode Discussion S4E20 "The Debt Collector"

Sure, you can say that she may have been organizing this for 30 years as well, but wouldn't Red have noticed something?

I don't think this was a case of Kate intentionally conspiring against Red for 30 years, so it may not have been something noticeable. She was an employee and an asset in his organization, just like all the other people he used. Perhaps in the course of doing her job over the years, she used a certain network of people that knew her, respected her, and may have become loyal to her (as opposed to Red who demanded loyalty or death).

Red's people respected her, she may have built a reputation over the years as Red's right hand man, (and as Red's business partner Von Hauser said: "The Mr. Kaplan my people whisper about. Reddington's hidden protector. The fairy tale come to life.")

Red's people may have become her people... and may have welcomed a chance to leave Red's employ. (I'm still surprised to hear Marvin Gerard say that he would betray Red for a deal.)

Or I suppose it's still possible that Kate has a benefactor, someone powerful enough to facilitate all her plots and build a team for her. Someone who would like to see Red fall. Someone like Katerina?

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