[SPOILERS] Probably one of the greatest character endings in the show

I'm sorry but this whole character arc has been thrown into the trash and you all need to stop trying to analyse it and make it look reasonable. At the end of book 5 he gets a letter from Cersei asking him to help her and he literally throws it into a fireplace. Also, in the books he found out from Tyrion that Cersei fucked other men and never told him - he's really hurt in that scene and it makes him hate Tyrion because he doesn't want to believe it.

If you don't want to take books into account, fine, let's take a look at the show.

  • He was betrayed by Cersei who slept around behind his back,
  • He was held captive for a year trying to win a war for Cersei,
  • He lost his swordhand, almost died and when he came back, Cersei told him he took too long. And she didn't want him anymore, resisted his touch and became very cold.
  • He set their brother free and she hated him for it.
  • He asked Brienne to find and save the Stark girls whom Cersei openly hated and wanted dead.
  • He fought against Tyrells for Cersei while she was already plotting behind his back.
  • He fought the Dothrakis and a Dragon, literally tried to kill himself in the process - all for this for Cersei - and when he came back, she didn't even thank him.
  • Cersei agreed to marry Euron behind his back and plotted against Jaime. She made him believe she would have ser Gregor kill him.

How could he still love her? What does this story tells us? That you can never escape a toxic relationship? That once someone manipulates and uses you, you're a lost case forever? That you can't redeem yourself no matter how hard you try? How is this a believable, well writen story? Why did we get so many seasons of build up and complex character arc hinting that Jaime was becoming a better man if all of this was useless in the end?

No one said he should've died at the age of 90 with Brienne by his side. What SHOULD've happened was a chance for him to finally redeem himself for all horrible crimes he did for Cersei and prove himself a good man he always was but couldn't be because of her. Their death doesn't make any sense.

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