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Guys we're getting so close to the end. Kind of hard to take in.

Ep. 251 – Happy New Year farts. Sacchan you’re ruining the evolutionary musings. Expected no less than anpan. Gin hasn’t learned his lesson from Blu-wraith.

Dick Entry – 5:12 – General – Staff

Apparently you can catch a cold from anything in Japan. Sadaharu checked out. So it’s a self-contained black hole that only absorbs the bodies and motivation of its hosts? We all love you, Otsu, you ridiculous commentary on the state of idols and fandom in Japan, you. Wut? Katsura’s glorious locks were a lie!!! This sounds more like everyday gossiping than dialog.

What actually happened in our past?

Why must you tease me, show? Lol look at what you’re inferior women have been reduced to, /u/Durinthal <3 . There’s something almost profound about being fatigued of pursuing and of being pursued. Shh, Shinpachi. It’s totally touching. The nice quiet moment slowly unravels. Being a tsukkomi is suffering.

Ep. 252 – I’ve come to adore the Ben Jonson recycled footage. Odd Jobs brainstormed and decided on seppuku? Aw, the wide shot ruined the illusion. Okita did nothing wrong.

Dick Entry – 6:20 – Kondo – Kondo

Completely bare. Don’t know why but Tsukky the drunkard still has my affection. Oh hey I remember this bit. It’s finally happened. The staff lost their minds. And it’s beautiful. It’s a cavalcade of offensive stupidity and it’s everything I wanted in the build-up to the goodbye. Please everyone go drinking for one last romp. It’s Sorachi! Geeze, Fujita has a comment concerning his divorce on MAL. I know it’s still not final but the goodbyes still get to me.

Ep. 253 – Stumbling home drunk is one way to start the season. What’s the deal with the golden font color. Oh. I imagine the break between seasons and his appearance in the final PV added to the excitement of his reveal. Lost it at "Where is home?" They outdid themselves with Gin’s reaction faces.

Dick Entry – 6:09 – Kintoki – Gintoki

That’s right, Gin. He’s better than you in every way. You know he snapped when he’s using DVD volumes as a unit of measurement for time. I don’t think shoving a face into the bar is part of brokering peace, Kin. I…what? Hnnnnnng. Tama please I’m still recovering from the mushiness of Sadaharu’s reunion with Gin. Poor Wakanabe working double-time. I…what? I love how Gengai has become an excuse for the weird happenings lately.

Ep. 254 – Once again Gengai greases the wheels of plot. Shinpachi went super sayan.

Dick Entry – 4:18 – Kintoki – Kintoki

Nice little nod to Kaiji’s art style. How to cheer up Kagura: bring her to a hostess club (apparently). Tamagura rocking the Chinese dress and performing the same machine jump as before. No idea what was happening during the Jugem bit. Gin has perfected the wall run. Lecture mode counter increment. Meanwhile, on the standby bench in the park. Tama pls, you’re just ship teasing now.

Ep. 255Robot on robot seduction.

Dick Entry – 3:07 – Kintoki – Tama

Tama no! Gin, where is the mercy? Tama pls this is a serious moment where you’re on the cusp of death. How I’m now going to respond to strange in public: Yes, yes, I’m a handsome man. Fugitives gathering fugitives and fugitives hiding fugitives. Tojo, look at the roleplaying stupidity you started. On Otae’s cue he appears. Gin being forward with Tsukky <3. Ladies, please. You can all kill me. So close to looking cool again. Kyuubei can’t stop falling from great heights. The hell was that eureka moment Sacchan? Showdown time!

Ep. 256 – Always with the schoolboy analogies. Tojo pls this is a serious moment of solidarity. The power of 60 volumes of DVDs. Kin’s taking all of Kabuki hostage. Didn’t expect a sloppy seconds joke from Gintama. Stay crass, show. I think Gin’s done fucking around. Aw that rooftop reunion. Whoa, Kin really wasn’t joking about ending the show. I’d joke about the reincarnation promise but I’d have to ruin the ending of another show.

Dick Entry – 12:48 – Kintoki – Mantama

I’m highly confused as to what kind of show Mantama is. Once upon a time, everyone’s dicks fell off. Alrighty then. The "bumping into the transfer student / main heroine" was missing the obligatory underwear shot. Get it right show! How do I even write commentary for what I’m seeing? Bon voyage! Gintoki is here to crush your dreams / balls. And we’re back. Lecture mode counter increment. Gin takes his rightful place in the OP.

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