[Spoilers] I recently rediscovered the text convo between me and my mother when I introduced her to Game of Thrones last February. I hope you can enjoy it as much as I re-did. (WARNING: Mom jokes within and throughout).

My mother never had much tolerance for violence, gratuatus sex, or other arguably immoral things in her media. In Fall of 2017 I got her hooked on Netflix by introducing her to Stranger Things. By the start of the new year I was shocked to discover that she had graduated to more mature viewings such as Shameless and Orange is the New Black. In February of 2018, I concluded that she was finally ready for Game of Thrones. I recently rediscovered some screenshots of the conversation I had with her that I had sent to my brother. I present our conversations in all it's glory (most, I edited out a bit because even after editing it's crazy long, as well as editing out unrelated conversation) and hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed re-reading them.

I appologize in advance for any innacurate information I may have shared with her as I believe in some places I got some specific details wrong at the time. Also, there are genuine type-o's among the genuine mispellings. For example, my mother is and always has been aware that his name is spelled and pronounced Ned Stark, not Nat Stark. That's just a type-o.

She's trying to arrange it so she can come up across country to visit me and Bro 1 for one of the episodes this season (it'll be cheaper than us going to her and she relishes the prospect of escaping the post-hurricane mess her region has been dealing with for months). I'm excited for season 8 and excited at the possibility of getting to watch a new episode with her as it airs so we can all share in the excitement.

I also would like to clarify that neither she nor I think that there is anything wrong with lesbians. We are LGBTQ allies, and we love those that are within our own family unconditionally. My phrasing at that point in the conversation was of a purely jockular nature and in no way was intended to imply that there is anything wrong with being a lesbian, nor that I would have any particular issue if my mother (or anyone else) suddenly came out as gay.

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