[SPOILERS] Have rewatched S8E5 and have come to these conclusions

In my opinion...

*S8E1- probably the single worse/pointless episode in the series.

*S8E2- overall good, reminded me of the old GRRM seasons when he was still involved in the series and character development and detail was important.

*S8E3- No opinion, I don’t remember it. For some reason when I hear E3 mentioned, I am reminded of a single traumatic event so horrible the victim has mentally surprised the memory.

*S8E4- Dragon died and over stuff happened... this one I seriously did forgot it was so unspectacular.

*S8E5- all in all this episode was pretty damn surprising because it was good. The ending with Tyrion/Jamie & Jamie/Cersei was great. Cersei was expecting to lay everything outside of the red keep to the ground with wild fire and Danearys stole that from her. Denearys going mad was foreshadowed seasons ago, she was killing the ruling class of Maureen whether the individual had anything to do with nailing slaves to mile markers or not. John Snow killing is own men who were sacking the city was real shit, even the “good guys” do terrible shit during the war. Clegane bowl was an acceptable ending. I don’t remember a single scene in the entire episode with Sansa. Sure there were some weakness as well. But overall it wrapped up a lot of races very nicely. I was impressed, to be fairly my expectations were low, but still impressed.

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