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This comment is so disrespectful & condescending specifically towards me and I really don't appreciate it. If you delete it then I'll delete this comment just fyi.

I wasn't at all even remotely annoyed through the whole thread until you wrote this:

The whole creative team share your fondness for the status quo cake. It ain't exactly a brave show. To be fair that's gotten it this far so what do I know, should never underestimate the power of white men.

To which I responded:

Also -- my fondness (and I assume the fondness the writers have) for the brotherly dynamic that's on the show isn't about a lack of bravery or even remotely an awareness of races or ethnicities. I have no idea what those two things have to do with my love of reading/writing/watching two brothers and their dynamic.

I did nothing throughout the whole thread but acknowledge & validate you on the merits of why Sam & Dean solo stories would be great (the one time I said I thought it could be boring, I conceded immediately after you said it'd only be boring if the stories were written boring; when you said you liked development/change/evolution to support why you'd like the brothers separated, I simply used the same point you'd made earlier that development/change/evolution only gets stunted if the writers write it stunted -- I figured you'd find that super level & fair as hell).

With your snark about the show keeping the brothers together being the result of the show's cowardice & the innate power of two white men, you just didn't deliver the same level of openness and lack of judgment about my perspective and preferences as I did towards yours (because no, the thread wasn't just about your perspective - it was about exploring both our perspectives with each other openly and in good faith).

I wasn't even pissed though. Like, it rankled, but my response was so legit. I just said that my fondness & the fondness I assumed the writers had for keeping the brothers together wasn't about that.

For some reason that just really pissed you off & I have no idea why.

And apparently somehow you thought I was trying to change your opinion (like... where!?!? lol)... and I represent Reddit. Really nice.

To be honest, I was expecting you to just be like, "totes fair; def didn't mean to invalidate your perspective by striking it down to white guys & cowardly writers; you gave really legit reasons earlier in this thread for why you (and the writers might) prefer them together and I respect that."

Instead, I get this comment. Great.

But y'know what, it's whatever.

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