[SPOILERS] Taller.

I love fighting people. But i love fighting people who respect me and are skilled at fighting. There's too much bullshit to street fight. You could get momoa'd and get cut or worse. They could have a gun or a knife or a crowbar. They could have 4 friends... I'm very confident i could beat any single drunk (unless they trained for 2+ years like me). I think i could likely beat two untrainded drunks. I would have a very slim chance of beating 3 or more people even if they were flailing around drunk unless somehow i could face them one at a time.

But still. Not only do you get kicked out of the bar but you get arrested and you get accused of assault... I fought this guy once outside a bar and he hit his head when I leg kicked him and he fell over from the impact. For a while i thought he had died or something. I'm glad he didn't and he ended up just walking away but it could have been some shit for me and obviously he didn't deserve to die for trying to fight me.

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