[Spoilers] Unpopular opinion

If this episode got leaked early and it was all I'd saw I'd be so happy. But instead I'm left to wonder

-How the Dothraki just respawned

-How the northern troops also appeared to respawn

-Why the scorpions suddenly cant hit a flying dragon the size of a modern suburban home

-Why Jamie found someone who loved him, went back to his sister who literally just put a bounty on his head

-What was Eurons purpose? He literally added nothing of value to the show. If it was for Cersei to have a fleet why not just give her the respawning troops the North and Dany had.

Sure there is more but it's all major gripes on the absolutely terrible 1st 4 episodes. I did really enjoy this episode though and for whatever reason the terror in this episode really translated more than the 3rd episode IMO. Think as time goes I'll probably grow fonder of this episode and skip the first 4 on rewatch.

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