Spongebob Halloween Paintings Giveaway

Giving two 8x10 canvas paintings to one winner.

I’ll choose a winner randomly at 12PM GMT-6 on Monday September 29. At that time, I’ll use the Reddit Raffler to pick the winner and I’ll post/tag the winner here. The paintings will be sent out the following day.

The rules: Tell me something that made you happy recently. You can also tell me a favorite Spongebob quote or moment. As long as you have a comment in the thread, you qualify. Interact, be kind, have fun.

Valid for US only this round. I’ll include our international friends in future giveaways, but this one is limited to US. Our postal service has been a mess lately (please vote this November!) and international packages are getting stuck in customs forever.

/r/spongebob Thread Link - i.redd.it