S'porean Tweets About People 'Glorifying' OT Life, Thinks Unhealthy Work Culture Shouldn't Be The Norm

I'm working easily 60-70h/week, excluding working at home after clocking out, handle multiple projects and still expected to go down to site at the last minute to meet clients. I also do additional works that are not related to the job scope because I happened to know how to use the system. I did everything from scratch.

Today my higher up told me that he's stripping me off all current projects and hentak kaki because I 'didn't give a fuck and not proactive enough' when I forgot to order shipments of some some products. Which he didn't get back to me and I was too overloaded that I forgot to asked him about it again.

Suffice to say, if there was any second thoughts about leaving the company, they have been thoroughly crushed.

OT culture only encourages penny pinching employers to squeeze free work without due compensation.

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