Spotify looks to go public after losing $1.5 billion in 2017

Not complete control. Type in a band name and it selects songs for you based on that band. You can turn some sliders up and down based on if you want more favorited picks or popular bands to play. For 7.50 less a month it won't be exactly the same which is why I said "pretty much". I still hear my band and artists in the same ballpark as my band. I like the randomness. Sometimes I hear a song I've never heard before and I have a new favorite to listen to later on.

Anyways if you're trying to turn this into a slacker vs spotify argument I'll just stop right now. All I'm trying to say is maybe the $10 model spotify has is the reason why they are losing money when other services that are 75% less can do almost the same thing.

$2.50 tier has no ads, unlimited skips, 320 kbps quality.

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