Spotting while on birth control

I hate to be blunt with you but If you’re not going to take the pill within the same hour (ish) every day and consistently miss days then the pill will essentially be useless and you’ll get the bleeding throughout because the previous dose wore off before the next replenishment. My doctor stressed timeliness to me after I took the pill one hour off from usual time range for a few days while traveling to next time zone over and wound up having a chemical pregnancy from even just the hour difference for a few days and being unprotected while starting intercourse (condom went on before he finished). I know my body just may be more sensitive in terms of fertility but it could still happen to you or another woman. After that I set a 9 pm alarm for everyday to take pill since taking it 8-10 pm then traveling to another time zone made it ineffective for me.

If trying to remember to take the pill isn’t easy please ask your doctor for other available options.

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