Spread the word about Shillary's illegal foundation!

Where is this clinton support coming from.

Last I checked she's still a criminal, just one that isn't a complete fucking idiot like trump and gets caught at every move she makes.

If anyone did her email scandal they would be in jail for potentially the rest of their lives for breach of security but she weaseled her way out. It's not even debatable at this point.

The clinton foundation is corrupt. Check how much money actually goes towards charity and how high the payroll of its employees are. It's a charity all right, a charity to the people who run it.

Why is the question about what they've done? Of course the charity does something. That's not the problem, its the severe disproportionate allocation of funds to actually giving back and doing charity work.

Sick and tired of seeing hillary being used as some shining figure to denounce trump. She's bad, trump is worse.

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