'This is spring break like no other:' Miami Beach extends curfew to control crowds

It isn't a matter of not reporting local problems, it's how many of them they find out about that they do report, and more importantly, how much effort they put into finding problems. China's press, for instance, rarely reports on significant problems that were not given to them first by the state. As for NK being an example, just LOL.

Over the past year I have seen many reports of pandemic related problems in Europe report in the US press. When I try to find more by looking in European press, both English and native languages, the coverage has been miniscule if not downright absent. US racial discrimination is constantly reported on in the US press, but you pretty much never see any of the European discrimination against "Travellers" being reported. Nor any discussion of no-go zones which even Merkel has acknowledged. The years of grenade attacks in Sweden was hardly covered in the Swedish press. etc etc etc

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