Spring Patch Weapon Goals

i have barely used them which is true but for the missing part when i used the RFB i could flank snipers and other players who aren't even paying attention shoot them in the head and back and they still don't die on the third shot, and i have gotten several hit markers on enemies while shooting them with it which doesn't kill them after 3 shots. i am not arguing that you don't know what you are talking because you do but my point is that they don't always kill with 3 shots even if inside of people it sometimes won't most likely due to internet differences among people but i also on my mastery path of the RFB got plenty of 3 shot kills but i had many deaths from people that i shot with half a clip of ammo and they still didn't die and in other games marksman rifles are amazing they allow for sniper style gameplay from closer ranges and even using iron sights they work well and of battlefield 4 because of internet differences, the fact other weapons can use 4x scopes and be just as effective or even more so than the DMRs thats why a 6x or even a 5x scope wih more sniper style reticle would be good for the DMRs since it is what they were made for in the first place and because they have the 4x as maximum it does ruin what should be very amazing weapons in BF4 but i did find them to work better on some maps but LMGs, ARs and even sometimes PDWs could do just as good at the same or further ranges just because the DMRs don't have scopes that allow them to compete with snipers that are at a range a bit too close to the action such as on the rouge transmittion map there are almost always snipers on the big hill and the hills behind C flag (ps3 version) and a dmr should be able to fight snipers at that range but the x scopes are bulky therefore obstructing view some and don't work as well as a 5x or 6x would in those situations as the are good for ARs and LMGs because you can get a distant target that way because the weapon is full auto or burst not a semi auto sniper rifle basically. if that makes sense i get how it could seem over powered but really it isn't as both DMRs and snipers are both made for longer ranges and snipers can still win a fight if the sniper isn't stupid it is a 2 shot kill to body vs a 3 shot kill that is not massively faster.

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