Spurs players getting fed up with Jose Mourinho's withering comments

After the game, Mourinho gave the withering reply of “same coach, different players” when asked why he is having so much trouble at reproducing the ability to hold on to leads, as he has done so well at other clubs.

Mourinho has consistently suggested that some of his players, particularly his defenders, are simply not capable of performing at a better standard, while never doubting their work ethic or desire.

Telegraph Sport understands that players are getting fed up with what they feel has become blame being shifted in their direction and away from Mourinho for a series of underwhelming results.


time may be running out for the Portuguese if he continues to put himself at odds with his players and Tottenham fall away in the race for Champions League qualification.

As previously reported by Telegraph Sport, RB Leipzig manager Julian Nagelsmann will be Tottenham’s first choice to replace Mourinho if Levy feels forced to sack him.

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