SR and anxiety

First of all, let me say one thing: If you want to take Semen retention path seriously you NEED to change your current lifestyle, habits and a lot of things that you never imagined, if you have no discipline, you will never be able to retain semen for long period of time, trust me. For many months I failed and failed because I continued with the same lifestyle (similar to yours), and I just managed to keep up with long streaks when I radically changed my lifestyle. So yes, you will need to keep yourself active, you will need to avoid certain foods, you will need to use your mind, body and heart, you can't stagnate none of those things. you need to use it all. When you retain semen it brings you energy, and you need to keep the energy flowing or it will move downward and your body will want to release it. So don't be sedentary, keep yourself very active, phisicaly AND mentally is almost a prerequisite.

It can take months to fully recover, sometimes it can take years. Don't expect significant changes in the first month(but yes it can happen, however if you don't create good habits to mantain it desnt mean shit and you will eventually fall back in old habits, don't be deluded). Make it to 3, 4...6 months! and you won't regognize yourself , in a good way, i promise you.

You need to be patient with yourself. Remember: It takes 9 months to generate a new life.

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