I appreciate your honesty.

It'll be different if she weren't attractive and you didn't want to see 'em. But, you did. Hell, she would have let you touch them if you followed up with, "Can I touch?". Trust me, you'd be making her day. But, what's done is done. We live and learn. A lot of guys would double down and pretend as if saying "No" was the best decision. You're self-aware.

You said it best. Balance is key. You're already in a mindframe and energy where women want to be intimate with you. It means you're doing something right. It's a good sign. Women are reflecting back to you that you're on the right path. Just accept the reward and or gifts they offer, because an abundance of women is universe/God's way of saying, "Well done."

The only thing stopping you is your perception of women being "Good Girls", when most are wild, or as a girl told me who showed me her naked body, "free spirited" lol. I just smiled and said, "Cool". She was really sweat, actually. Now, if I had your frame of mind I'd say, "Wow! If she's quick to show me her body now, I can't imagine how many other men she did this too!" Doesn't matter. What matters is the vibe and connection she has with YOU, not with other men before you.

I know it's hard not to but, try not to judge women. If not for their sake, for yours. It's key to attracting the woman you do want. If you judge harshly women who are more promiscuous and open with their sexuality, you shoot yourself in the foot with women who aren't.

They're going to be who they're going to be rather you like it or not. If being intimate with a woman who's been intimate with others isn't your cup of tea, no big deal, but no need to have an opinion about it either way. This mindset also keeps you from dwelling on the "Women are whores!" attitude women subconsciously pick up. Think of it as, "Girls will be girls." And it's true.

It would have been thirsty if YOU were the one going, "SHOW ME YOUR TITS!" lol. It's not thirsty at ALL when she wants to show YOU her tits. Big, big difference.

Other than that brother, you're doing great. Seriously. It takes a lot of courage to post your personal life on a forum for a bunch of strangers to "give their 2 cents", some of whom aren't qualified to give it. The only reason I comment is because I'm familiar with that "sexual barrier" you're dealing with. It will pass, but you have to decide, "Ya' know. I really do want to see nice breast, and I don't give a damn what others think!" You'll get that point. When, only you decide. But, once you break that barrier it's another level of freedom on top of the level of freedom you're currently at where women are now being more receptive to you. It's like you've pass the first level with flying colors, now you're at the boss mode. Will you step up and face the fear of rejection or being made a fool of and say, "Fuck it.", or cave in. Only time will tell. But, if you got this far in your journey, I"m confident you'll be comfortable in your sexual nature and allow good things and beautiful women to happen to you.

All the best.

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