Sr Journalist of ABP News Rakshit Singh went to Kisan Mahapanchayat in Meerut today and resigned from his job in support of farmers. He says the channels aren't allowing to show the truth and therefore "laat maarta hu aisi naukri ko" ...

Ethical values are way important than money

Almost always said by someone who is not part of the 95% of India's population living hand to mouth.

and many Indian brothers and sisters need to realize this, once realized there will be less corruption in all walks of life .

Yes, they are charged under UAPA. Corruption figures haven't changed though.

It’s too easy to sell your ethics for couple of ruppes and be with dead conscience

It's not easy, it is necessary and mostly a necessity in India.

it’s too easy to not acknowledge wrong doings around us

Protests on all kinds of issues across the country. Crushed.

it’s too easy to ignore less fortunate around us

You just summarised your whole post on this thread.

you think you don’t need to take actions to support another and when you need support no body shows up , that’s the problem with us , we think ahm brahmasmi, untill we actually need help .

That's a human tendency and definitely not a summation of the problems faced by India. This just sounds simple and clear, like "Ache Din" brand tagline

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