SRS could have potential but is often focused on shitty jokes instead of actually racist comments

It's literally just a picture of a hot woman in an unrelated comment chain it totally derailed a conversation and got showered with upvotes. It's almost like sticking a Maxim insert in an issue of Time. It'd be like sitting in a totally unrelated lecture and having the professor say "By the way, let's just think about boobs for a minute."

I can agree with that. It's a pretty poor joke, the only reason it got upvoted was because how stupid it is.

It gives some people the impression that others consider their worth to be primarily as eye candy, rather than as a person.

Here is what i can't agree with. There are some contexts where this may be true, and this is seen on reddit a lot, people saying "10/10 would bang" whenever a woman is in an image. But the woman who took this particular picture took it in order to be seen as hot.

In other words, it didnt say "here is all that women are, eye candy". It said more like "women are sometimes eye candy".

And i've seen this argument before, well if that's objectiying women aren't all pictures of hot women objectifying them?

You know how everyone likes to complain about how gay pride parades "shove their sexuality in your face"? This is literally that (minus the context that a gay pride parade provides, so worse).

Well i am okay with gay parades. I've personally never said otherwise. Idk about other redditors, but for me both gay parades and pics of hot women are acceptable.

This is (in theory) a platform for anyone to use, and yet randomly posting something (almost) solely for straight male sexual gratification instantly takes over the conversation and alienates a large part of the userbase.

So reddit sucks. Well, i kind of already knew that. If a pic of a hot woman didnt derail the thread, something else would've done it.

Sometimes SRS focused on jokes and things (leaving aside the fact that being a joke doesn't automatically defend anything), but this isn't a joke; it's literally just "here's an attractive woman".

The "joke" (and by joke, i mean what made it funny) is how out of context it was.

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