SRS on Twitter: Bryan's reporting was accurate

I mean… yeah? What else were they supposed to do??

You have BROCK FUCKING LESNAR in your promotion, you’ve spent weeks already promoting this match with weeks left to go, you reeeeeally want him to do this match, and you reeeeeeally want to repair this relationship with him.

Y’all think the move is to scrub him from the show completely, and immediately pivot to something else? Pray tell, to what? You don’t even try to work things out?

It’s honestly more feasible to me that they rewrote everything to add MORE Brock into the show. Best case scenario, you work shit out and he comes back (which is presumably what happened). Worst case scenario, he doesn’t come back, and you have at least the weekend to figure out how you want to explain this away and what the backup plan is.

Y’all really do think this company was gonna lose its lifetime CEO, have its biggest star walk out, rewrite the whole show to exclude him, and somehow come up with a sufficient contingency plan to comfortably explain away all of this. And anything less is “lol dirtsheets worked.” Y’all lost your goddamn minds

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