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Rule 3: No "Low-Quality" Posts - Other Categories

  • Bandwagon, karma train, or copycat posts - No posts that are intended to just be better than someone else's. These will be considered reposts. Consider instead leaving a comment on the original post.
  • Intentionally Poor Drawings - Exceptions are made for Original Content that is well-received by the community. If your drawing lacks wit, humor, or charm, then it may be considered a low-quality post and removed.
  • Polls that do not generate discussion - Polls that are unoriginal, overdone (reposted), or too simple to generate discussion will be removed. Please search by "Poll" flair to find what has already been asked in the past two months.
  • Low-Quality Meme - Lacking in these criteria will be removed at moderator discretion:
    • Originality (favoring OC, disfavoring reposts),
    • Extent of Zelda Assets (more = better), and
    • Conversation-starting comments (a plus).

Please consider revising your post or posting to another subreddit with less strict rules like /r/ZeldaMemes.

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