To go to Stagecoach...

That's... Wrong... I did like 5 seconds of GoogleFu and that's wrong dude.

Example: Tulane University offers up to 32k.

I'm assuming you searched 'max merit scholarship' and then read the Google search results because the actual first number you can see without clicking a link is from SAIC that says 2-25k merit scholarship.

So many colleges offer more or less based on merit.

Also, 25k at most public colleges would include room and board and have a lot left over.

Purdue for an Indiana resident is 20k with tuition fees and room and board. Out of state is 38k. And they have scholarships for out of state residents to cover that gap. That's the difference between public and private universities... A private might charge that much for tuition alone.

But if you chose to go to a private University, you should have already known those prices are INSANE and you won't be going to any fun little music festivals.

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