Stagnant dating life... Socially adept loner.

I think it's also worth mentioning that the woman I'm engaged to is one of those simpletons.

I had religious crazy/first love. Then I had psychotic crazy/awesome in bed. Both of them were at my level of consciousness. I had my share of trust issues. In the first relationship they were my issues. In the second one, I corrected myself, but then SHE had the issues. And now with my future wife, as long as we don't give each other a reason to lose trust, we trust each other unconditionally.

You are probably going to have the same problems I had. Trying to logically justify every move you make in the dating world. (I can't date her, she hates the Beatles. I can't date her, my vocabulary is twice the size of hers. Etc.) And you'll end up in search of the perfect woman. But what I've found is that logic and reason have no place in the heart.

Love is the only feeling I have that I just let it take the reigns. I can't rationalize my love for a simpleton. But we've been together for 6 years and we've probably fought 6 times. We never want to be away from each other. And she's by far the most attractive girl I've ever touched.

I've tried having conversations with her about the role of evolution in the degradation of society. She doesn't care. And I really don't care about the curtains she wants to buy for our bedroom. But we love eachother.

I guess my point is, don't rule out the simpletons. I knew the first time I saw her (it was only a photograph) that she was different, and that I wanted to be near her. It took me months of effort and convincing. But now we've both got what we want. And don't assume that she needs to be a certain way either. As I said, I did that for a long time, and I was only rewarded with severe depression. When you find the one you love, you'll know she's different. Love her first. Then if it turns out she's a sociopath trying to tear you from your friends, THEN use your super logic powers to save yourself. But if you genuinely can't find any negatives other than the fact that she's not the type of girl you envisioned yourself with, you may have been the one who was wrong. And when that happens, enjoy it.

I'm sure none of this probably holds much clout. I wish I could give you advice with 30 years of successful marriage under my belt, but this is all I have to offer. Don't let logic take over your brain. Logic and love are like oil and vinegar.

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