Stan Lee has a new plan to unite police and Black Lives Matter

I think its a cool idea, but is it going to stop police from targeting and killing people of color? People like the commenters below me don't seem to get it. They point out the videos they want to see and forget about the video that clearly show abuse of power and when they see a video like this they always seem to make excuses for the police who receive no punishment or minimal punishment. Stan lee is right about the respect part but there are idiots on both sides. On one side you have people who act like fools if they are interacting with police (excluding people who remain calm, cooperate, but express concerns about their rights being violated) and on the other side you have a bully cop who enjoys or believes they have absolute authority to do what ever they want regardless of your constitutional rights. Some cops to put it lightly, are just very rude people. As public servants they should at ALL times be respectful of every American they interact with. They should know the law WELL and simply do their jobs CORRECTLY. If they did that instead what they are doing now, then the American people could be reassured that justice is being served across the country. The country is divided on this and that's says more about the police and real Justice than any other piece of the puzzle.

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