Stand By Me (1986): Whether you have seen it before, or have never seen it, this is the perfect movie for Labor Day weekend.

You say RT can't be trusted and their system is rather opaque and their standards is questionable (which doesn't make sense because it's an aggregate of critics scores, which even among critics there are differences in criteria and taste) but listed nothing but subjective reasoning and what your taste is.

It doesn't matter what you would recommend or enjoy. It really doesn't. Sorry to say. Just because you don't like most most of the ones that happened to score high doesn't mean it's cancer on the film business and art form.

The site doesn't line up with my taste.

Again this means nothing when we're talking about the merits of the site.

Objectively speaking, films that scored higher on that site tend to be better structured, competently executed or at the very least creatively fresh, or explores a subject matter in a more interesting way. A given film may not usually hit all of those notes but it'll probably fit at least one or two. Man of Steel and Prometheus just have flaws don't Homecoming doesn't have if we're looking at how characters were handled and the story was structured. You put too much weight on your weight and perspective but it isn't justified given that you can't really give any arguments that doesn't seem to heavily depend on your taste (which you've done nothing to really expand on).

RT is nothing but better for art form. RT means that film studios can't just pump out movies blindly if RT scores affect the sales. Nobody is saying all movies have to score 90%. But they should at least not hit below 50% on a consistent basis. That's how you get trash franchises like the Transformers.

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