Star Citizen and You.... Are you Happy?

Listen man games don't get rushed out as fast as possible arbitrarily..I'm sick of this notion that Cr himself has perpetutated because he got burned in the past by a publisher.

Games are both expensive and time consuming to make, the business world demands return on investment and without that investment the game wouldn't be made. Yes sometimes shit gets cut because it would delay the game too long or it woll compromise the financial structure it's built upon:.:but you know what? Gamers can watch twitch streams, read reviews etc of these games to make an educated choice of its worth the $60 or not. If it sucks you can return it within a time frame.

I can only assume crowd funding is forcing publishers to adapt on their model which is far from perfect, but please.

OT: I'm fine with the progress, as a 2012 backer I'm not happy about the increased scope and the delays associated with them. Stretch goals were assured to make the game the were pitching be done in the allotted time.

Now had I been offered a refund because the scope grew so big that the delays were inevitable I would have taken one.

I wasn't interested in backing a game that will come out in 2020...I would have just waited....lots can change in life in that time and I'm not about to hold my breath this long for a video game.

Now this is just my opinion...I've sold off most of my assets as I'm not loving the direction the game is going now. Specifically the foundation upon which controls are built and the lack of confidence the dev team will get it right.

Again my own interpretations...not trying to rain on others parade.

There is still a glimmer of hope i will be surprised with what comes...but right now I'm not seeing it frankly....

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