Star Citizen: Question and Answer Thread

ok I bought the game (Only the aurora for now) and want to upgrade my aurora to something. I can't play until my new computer comes, but I have played the game for a few hours a while ago and loved it.

I want to get one of the origin 300's as they are my favorites and I think they look amazing, but not sure which one I should get.

I was planning on getting the pathfinder version as that seems like the best one for just traveling around the galaxy and delivering cargo and stuff, but I heard cargo is not a viable money making method anymore and the pathfinder version isn't very good at pvp.

Anyways I just want to know which out of the three I should get, don't tell me to get the avenger titan, I have been told that it is better then all the 300 series, but honestly I don't care as I just really like the look of the 300 series.

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