STAR TREK CONTINUES - 1x09 - "What Ships Are For" (guest starring John de Lancie)

This is the Europe migrant crisis edition of Star Trek Continues. It's all rainbows and kittens, and that's fine for a temporary lens. The Abeastien invaders are females with purple hair, sexy bodies, and hyper-feminized mannerisms, and they assimilate seamlessly. What nerdy male wouldn't be in favor of that kind of invasion?

However, our reality is a bit different. A 2009 Pew poll found that 36% of French Muslims believe that suicide bombings can be justified against civilians in the name of Islam. Let that sink in.

Furthermore, the migrants are coming from countries with which France/USA/UK are at war. It's a stupid war. It's an immoral war. But nevertheless, it's a war. Would we have accepted German refugees during the middle of World War II? Of course not. And if we had, there would have been terrorism galore from the relatively based German immigrants.

Getting back to Star Trek Continues, I find it fascinating that the purple-haired Sakara was left by her parents, who went back to their homeworld (er, asteroid) as diplomats and were presumed killed, but of course weren't. So the Abeastians may be like cowbirds, leaving their young in the care of others, though this is based on a sample size of one.

If that's the case, how would it change your view of the Abeastians? They've already infiltrated 27.2% of the population. How long before they're a majority? It's implied that the two races cannot interbreed (and so are two species, not races), because apparently this has been going on for a thousand years, and yet Spock can still identify 27.2% of the population as Abeastian. If Abeastians are a distinct species of cowbird humanoid, what kind of laws are they going to pass once they are a majority? And isn't it kind of sad that John de Lancie's character didn't have kids and had to adopt, because his mate was a purple-haired genetically incompatible alien invader who kept that secret from him?!

The episode argues against this kind of hysteria - this fear of change. It's preachy, but in the spirit of the original series and thought-provoking, so it's a good episode. Great, even. I, for one, welcome our new purple-haired cowbird overlords.

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