[Star Wars: The Last Jedi] Luke died because he drank raw milk

Is that really what you got from my comment? You couldn't be more wrong. I'm far from a purist. I personally grew up with the prequels(which I enjoyed about as much as any kid would), didn't grow up with the original trilogy, and my love for the Star Wars universe comes from Knights of the Old Republic 1 and 2. Frankly, I prefer everything involving Star Wars that isn't the movies.

I didn't even see TLJ in theaters. I started the movie when it got to Netflix, and didn't make it past the weird ass opening. I'm a firm believer that a movie's opening should hook the viewer, not actively push them away, and that's what it felt like it was doing. I'm not going to suffer through something I don't think I'll enjoy. Simple as that. And based on what I've heard, and the milk scene in OP, I didn't miss much at all.

I love this idea that anyone who dislikes the movie is some kind of purist, or Disney hater. Must make it easier to accept people not liking your favorite franchise, if you lump them all into a category of people who already hated it going in.

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