The Stargate movie cover appears to be based on the planetary alignment from the Electric Universe Theory

Okay. I’m going to explain this again, in a different/blunt way.

The Saturn and “cube” conspiracy theory is based around an ancient ruling civilization that took control of this veil/world a long time again. (How I know: gateway process- I can do that and then some).

Saturn doesn’t really “do” anything, but was used to explain the shift in “power”- from god ruling man, to man ruling man. (Over the course of thousands of years, they have called this many things-for example: Satan/devil ruling the world; Zeus’ “fall”.). The cube is a literal thing, but it is what the cross is based off of- as well as “Christianity.” Jesus was literally invented to make man follow/worship man, and wait for a man to reincarnate/come to earth to save them. (Spoiler- not gonna happen) Within the cube is actual specific energy, and literal memories of “all” resides within the energy. It was gathered and stored within a box made of Shungite and it is located at the “center of the world, underground”.

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